The Family of Colin McNeill and Teresa Charlsworth
Colin McNeill =

Teresa Charlsworth

of Melton Mowbray

of Sheffield




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David Nicholas


1962- 1964-


David McNeill 1962-
        David McNeill was born on 15 Jan 1962. He married Judith Christine Lord of Albrighton at St. Josephs RC Church on the 26th March 1983 who he had met when he was stationed at RAF Cosford as an Electronic Apprentice. They have three children, Christopher, Rebecca and Matthew James. David has now left the RAF and is a partner in an Electronics company at Sherburn-in-Elmet, Leeds.

Nicholas McNeill 1964-
        Nicholas McNeill was born on 14 Mar 1965 and was married to Alison Lear. They had two daughters: Megan who was born on Leap Year Day 1996 and will have to wait four years to celebrate her first birthday; and Gemma who was born at Filey on Bonfire Night 5th November 1998. Nick is a Painter and Decorator.

Andrew McNeill 1967-
        Andrew McNeill was born on 21 May 1967 and is married to Catherine Severs of Newby Scarborough, she is a Solicitor and Andrew is the Area Manager of an auto screens repair group. They have two children:- Holly Louise born on 5 June 1997 and Samuel Joseph 10 July 2001.

The Family of Francis Derek McNeill and Gillian Atkinson
Derek McNeill =

Gillian Atkinson

of Melton Mowbray

of Asfordby










Karen McNeill 1968-
        Karen McNeill was born on 7 Nov. 1968 at Wigston, Leics. She went to school at the St. John Fisher Primary School Wigston and the St. Paul RC School Spencefield Lane Leicester. On leaving school in 1984 she was employed as a Dental Nurse and is currently an officer with the Inspector of Taxes. She is married to Lee Henderson of Acton London, Lee is an Self Employed Electrician and was born on 28 July 1967. He is the son of John Henderson of Glasgow and Patrica Winters of Winchester.

Lisa McNeill 1974-
        Lisa Marie McNeill was born on 13 Dec. 1974. She attended school at the St. John Fisher Primary School Wigston and the St. Paul RC School Spencefield Lane Leicester where she successfully completed her 'A level' examinations in three subjects. She was employed at the 'Care Village' Shangton before taking a position with Leicester City Council. In May 2003 she married Nigel Thomas Woolman, the son of the late Robert Woolman and Joy Woolman of Leicester.

The Family of Dorothy Cufflin and John Hubbard
Dorothy Cufflin =

John Hubbard

of Thurmaston

of Knighton




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Ian Adrian


1964- 1965-


Ian Leslie Hubbard 1964-
        Ian Hubbard was born on 13 April 1964 at Leicester and is employed as a loco driver with British Rail.

Adrian Phillip Hubbard 1965-
        Adrian Hubbard was born on 7 October 1965 at Leicester.

Anthony Paul John Hubbard 1969-
        Anthony Hubbard was born on 17 May 1969 at Melton Mowbray.

The Family of Keith Cufflin and Penelope Halliday-Green
Keith Cufflin =

Penelope Halliday-Green

of Thurmaston

of Leicester



Wendy Marye
1972 1978

Wendy Jean Cufflin 1972-
        Wendy Cufflin was born on 25 August 1972 at Leicester

Marye Jane Cufflin 1978-
        Marye Cufflin was born on 10 June 1978 at Leicester.

The Family of Heather Cufflin and Paul Theobold
Heather Cufflin =

Paul Theobold

of Thurmaston

of Leicester






Richard Paul Theobold 1967-
        Richard Theobold was born on 23 December 1967 at Leicester. After living in Canada for some time he returned to England and is now working on computers in London as an IT Manager.

Donna Mickalea Theobold 1968-
        Donna Theobold was born on 25 September 1968 at Leicester. She married M. Stan Gadziola who is a story board illustrator and they now live in Bowman Island Vancouver with their children Camille who was born in November 1996 and Adrinne Briel born 3 Dec 1998

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